3 Reasons My New Listing Rocks

FRESH!! Listed on the NWMLS less than 24 hours. (MLS #650103)

Here are 3 reasons why this condo is unique and you should consider buying it:

1) It is large and open for a 2-story condo…1344 square feet!

2) It has a detached garage AND an additional designated parking spot. 2 spots…whaaaa?!

3) It does not overlook I405, a parking lot or any other commercial structure.




5 Things To Do Before Showing Your Home

The sign is in the yard, and your home is now on the MLS. Buyers will want to see your home ASAP. Here’s what you do before each showing:

1) Turn on all the lights.
– Bring out the colors, show off light fixtures, appear warm and inspiring. A well lit home is an attractive home.
shumway 4

2) Close the toilet bowl lids.

– So simple, yet so affective. It keeps the Buyers mind from diverting to unnecessary images.

3) Bake cookies or a bread.

– Oldest trick in the book. It still works. Delicious smells illicit sweet home memories.

4) Clear any clutter from the entry way…shoes, bags, umbrellas, dog leash..whatever. Just make it easy to enter.

5) Make sure the temperature is appealing. Not too hot. Not too cold. You want the Buyers to feel as comfortable as possible.

Whether you are selling in Kirkland or Carnation, I can help you with sound data and 10+ years experience in Real Estate.

5 Open Houses You Should See Sunday

Open Houses are fun, informative and accessible. Here are 5 you should see. Better yet, call me and I will take you personally.

1) Upland Green: $423,000…..13617 135th Ave NE

2) North Rose Hill: $423,000…..  13021 NE 100th St

3) Juanita: $449,950…..7712 NE 141st St

4) North Rose Hill: $499,000…..11204 127th Ave NE

5) East of Market: $1,000,000…..1217 1st St

Kirkland By The #s

50+ parks

6 Public Docks


2 Weekly Farmers Markets (June- September)

–          Kirkland Wednesday Market

–          and Juanita Beach Park Farmers Market

75/100 on Walkscore   


18 Distinct Neighborhoods

8 Roasty places to fuel your caffeine addiction

138 Homes Currently For Sale

67 Condos Currently For Sale

215 Single Family Homes SOLD in the last 6 months: $250,000-5.5Mil

187 Condominiums SOLD in the last six months: $63,000- 4.79 Mil

$26,928 Possibly the most expensive annual taxes I’ve seen in Kirkland*

* on a home Sold for 5.5 Mil in Houghton (10316 NE 60th St.)


3 Homes that sold in the last 6 months, all for $640,000


As pictured: East of Market, Holmes Point, North Rose Hill.

7.4% Increase in home prices compared to April 2013.


The Land of “NO.”

Unfortunately there is a place that exists where every question and sentence of explanation begins with the word “NO”; a place that used to define glamorous travel, adventure and top notch service.

The Airport.


Last week I traveled from Seattle to DC for the National Association of  Mid-year Conference and Expo. The annual trip is one of my favorites. And reuniting with some 150+ friends from the Young Professionals Network (YPN) was per usual, a shot in the arm for my business and my enthusiasm towards the Real Estate Profession.

However on my return flight home I encountered the most obnoxious delay. Repeatedly. And two cancelled flights. I started writing down every time I hear the word “No” in reference to my flight:

No flight updates available.

No plane on the tarmac.

No plane in the air.

No plane at the end of the terminal.

No we don’t refill water bottles.

No early boarding.

No, not for economy class.

No complimentary Wi-Fi.

No seats on this flight.

No upgrades available.

No blankets.

No, leg room costs an extra $8.

No vouchers are being distributed.

No taxi. No Shuttle. No validation for travel.

No connecting flights.

No direct flights.

No information.

No room in overhead bin.

No hotel choices.

No guarantee.

No bonus miles.

No member number.

No sitting near the wall to plug in your device.

No, that is not your gate.

No a gate has not been assigned.

No. Nope. Nada.

No wonder I was crying!

30+ hours later and a taxi ride to Dulles airport, I was finally on my way having been booked on a different airline….more notes…


I hope my clients NEVER feel that frustrated when it comes to buying or selling a home. Because that was the pits!


Open House 411

So what’s the deal with Open Houses anyway?


If you are wondering what the Real Estate Agent is thinking or what the general protocol is… let me help you out a little.

Here are 10 things that you should know:

  1. I can get really bored. Most of the time I’m just happy for the company! So c’mon in!
  2. The real estate agent hosting the open house is very often NOT the Agent that is actually selling the house. (Read: I did not set the price.)
  3. Yes, you can use the bathroom. It’s ok.
  4. If you don’t like the house, the staging or the design, it’s ok to say so. You can’t hurt my feelings…It’s not MY house.
  5. Sticky fingers on the furniture or broken staging pieces are hard to explain to Seller: Keep an eye on the kiddos.
  6. You may go to an open house with/without a Real Estate Agent. *BUT* if you have one, just tell me. I’ll leave you alone but still answer your questions.
  7. Do you really need a flyer? Or is that just an excuse not to have to talk? Engage the agent. They might actually know some really interesting things that are NOT on the flyer.
  8. Shoes off please. One weekend of open houses can trash the floors.
  9. Poke around, open cabinets and drawers. They Agent will let you know if there is anything off limits.
  10. Shop an Agent at an open house. Are they on the phone? Do they have statistics and community info?  How long have they been an agent? This is an easy opportunity for an impromptu interview if you are looking for an agent.

And there you have it.

10 years of hosting open houses. Just thought I’d share.