Could you handle the evil eye from your new neighbors?

So you’re all excited about this home you found online and you really want to see it. You call me, your awesome Realtor, to go preview the home with you.

It’s new construction and it has AMAZING water views. Strangely, it has been on the market over 132 days. Everyone knows, in this market…that is weird.

You get out of the car, you’re in love. You walk inside, and you’re pretty much looking for a contract and ready to write it up.

Then you see this…..


Uh oh.

And this…


Oh boy. That’s not good.

The neighbors already hate you and they have not even met you yet.

Could you…WOULD you want to deal with this? Is this just bad Karma for a new house? It’s not your fault the builder ticked off the locals. Right?

So my particular Buyer’s did NOT write it up. They passed. Even though the home checked nearly all of the boxes on their list.

What would you do?

I’m Georgia. My friends call me Peach. I’ve been helping Buyers and Sellers in Real Estate for over 12 years. Looking forward to working for you! 206.948.0431

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