3 Things Your Realtor Wants to Know, But May Not Ask.

Every time I meet a new Buyer or Seller, whether or not they were referred ( & I hope they were) to me by a former client, I have slight anxiety.

Obviously, there are some basic things you *NEED* to let me know in order for me to be best equipped to help you buy or sell a home:
– location preference
– price range
– bed/bath count
– big yard/small yard
– how fast do you need to move?

You know…the usual. But there are also a few questions that I really want to know but probably won’t ask:

…at least not right of way

1) What other Realtor ( Sorority sister, Auntie, Parents Realtor, half Uncle, old college buddy) have you also interviewed that you haven’t mentioned yet?

weird family tree

2) What are you actually qualified for? This said pre-approval that you mentioned on the phone, was that completed on line on a whim years ago?

flying money

3) Are we actually hitting it off like…super awesome…or is that just in my head?


Believe me…you are not the only one who feels a little hesitant! So let’s have some coffee and talk for real!

The sooner we get to know eachother the better job I can do for you!

I’m Georgia. My friends call me Peach. I live in Kirkland where I’ve been advising Buyers and Sellers in Real Estate for over 10 years!

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