The “Buy Nothing” Project

A simple act of giving left us both smiling and high fiving. I felt uplifted the whole day!

It had to go. There is this solid wood dresser in my condo…old but with keyhole detail and period charm. The drawers don’t open easily but it’s not garbage. I mean, literally it should not be garbage! It was a cool piece of furniture.
drawer keyhole

front dresser

Considering the usual options….
– Craig’s List ( deal with flakey call backs and potential weirdos)
– Donate to Value Village or Salvation Army.
– Try to sell it at a garage sale.

And make, what? Like $35 bucks?

But there is a new alternative and it is building steam. It’s called “Buy Nothing Project.”

“When people ask me what a Buy Nothing group really looks like, I tell them it’s a Facebook group that’ll give you a hands-on chance to take part in a social movement spreading across the country, enabling people and communities to commit episodic acts of daily good together[…]” (

It’s a gift community.

Posts range from fresh garden produce, to used shoes and toys, to leftover craft supplies.

I posted the dresser and within minutes had several requests from the 2000+ Buy Nothing Kirkland community FB page. 26 comments and a half day later someone was coming to pick it up.

She wanted to paint it magenta and was surprising her 6 year old daughter with the dresser so they could complete the project they had pinned together on Pinterest.

Try it! Next time you are about to sell something or are in search of something, consider your community and your neighbors first!

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