The Land of “NO.”

Unfortunately there is a place that exists where every question and sentence of explanation begins with the word “NO”; a place that used to define glamorous travel, adventure and top notch service.

The Airport.


Last week I traveled from Seattle to DC for the National Association of  Mid-year Conference and Expo. The annual trip is one of my favorites. And reuniting with some 150+ friends from the Young Professionals Network (YPN) was per usual, a shot in the arm for my business and my enthusiasm towards the Real Estate Profession.

However on my return flight home I encountered the most obnoxious delay. Repeatedly. And two cancelled flights. I started writing down every time I hear the word “No” in reference to my flight:

No flight updates available.

No plane on the tarmac.

No plane in the air.

No plane at the end of the terminal.

No we don’t refill water bottles.

No early boarding.

No, not for economy class.

No complimentary Wi-Fi.

No seats on this flight.

No upgrades available.

No blankets.

No, leg room costs an extra $8.

No vouchers are being distributed.

No taxi. No Shuttle. No validation for travel.

No connecting flights.

No direct flights.

No information.

No room in overhead bin.

No hotel choices.

No guarantee.

No bonus miles.

No member number.

No sitting near the wall to plug in your device.

No, that is not your gate.

No a gate has not been assigned.

No. Nope. Nada.

No wonder I was crying!

30+ hours later and a taxi ride to Dulles airport, I was finally on my way having been booked on a different airline….more notes…


I hope my clients NEVER feel that frustrated when it comes to buying or selling a home. Because that was the pits!


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