For sale now: 5 Neighborhoods, 5 prices

The Northwest MLS divides Kirkland into roughly about 19 different neighborhoods. Surprised?  Think about it: Finn Hill, Houghton, Moss Bay, Highlands, Downtown, East of Makret, North Rose Hill, Yarrow just to name a few.

Lake & mountain views along with beach access come at a premium in areas like West of Market, Yarrow, Downtown, Holmes Point.

Proximity to parks like Peter Kirk and Juanita Beach Park is highly desirable and easily found in Juanita, Rose Hill, Houghton and East of Market.

This lil’ market scoop focuses on 5 for sale right now.

1. East of Market,
MLS 602000 currently listed for $625,000

2. Houghton, MLS 606371 currently listed for $489,000

3. Moss Bay, MLS 608958 currently listed for $775,000

4. Juanita, MLS 593415 currently listed for $585,000

5. West of Market, MLS 607915 currently listed for $595,000
* 810 square feet

Curious to see the inside of one of these? Let me know!
There is a lot of new construction popping up lately too. To see these or any other homes on your list, let’s go. Coffee’s on me!

I’m Georgia. My friends call me Peach. And I live in Kirkland where I work on behalf of both buyers and sellers in Real Estate since 2003.  Follow me @KirklandPeach

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