Sea Gal Alum opens Flawless Beauty Bar in Kirkland

What do high kicks and pink lips have in common? A former Sea Gal (*Ahem* Sea Gal of the Year 2006!) of course! Sequoia Leopold is now operating her “Flawless Beauty Bars” from the new storefront location 123 Lake Street in DT Kirkland.


Flawless Beauty Bars is not a newcomer in boutique shops on the water. But the new location with street front visibility is! “Flawless” started out strictly as an Airbrush Tanning Studio. But the business has evolved to offering air brush makeup application and more.

I promise you, it will be your go-to for getting primed and ready for any event….

– Weddings & Showers

– Senior Pictures

– School Dances

–  Red Carpet Events

– Charity & Corporate Events

– Bikini clad tropical vacations….

You get the idea.

C’mon, you know ALL those pictures are going to end up on Facebook!

Sequoia Leopold knows what she is doing when it comes to beauty and looking “camera ready.” Cheering in front of 65,000+ Seahawk fans was the ideal training ground for perfecting her talents. I know, because Sequoia helped me throughout my rookie year in 2006 when we cheered together for the Seahawks.


She can also be booked for off-site makeup and tanning. Her team of beauty professionals and their arsenal did a natural but glamorous look for my sisters and I and the Bridesmaids at her wedding in Leavenworth.


Her warm smile and effervescent personality fuels her self proclaimed “beauty obsession” which means the store always carries top notch, trendy products (like TNT, Bar, Laqu & Co UK).

Check out current trends and beauty offerings and get your safe and natural beautiful glow on or take a cosmetic class, specializing in contour or smokey eye. Book an appointment to get a customized flawless look.

I’m so proud of Sequoia and even happier to have her right here in our very own Kirkland Downtown shops! and follow her on Twitter @FlawlessBars.

I’m Georgia. My friends call me Peach. And I live in Kirkland where I work on behalf of both buyers and sellers in Real Estate since 2003. 

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