Eating, Playing, Kissing and Canoodling: Valentine’s in Kirkland

Do you feel the pressure of Cupid’s bow because you’ve been slow to hatch the perfect Valentine’s Day plan? Don’t worry about it. I’ve got you covered with a few ideas that are sure to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face—and ensure that Cupid’s arrow is aimed at his or her heart, not your head!

Indoor Options

  1. If a fancy, romantic dinner will do the trick for your ideal Valentine’s Day date, Ristorante Paradiso is the place to dine. Serving quintessential Italian cuisine with a wonderful wine list, this stellar restaurant offers an intimate atmosphere and a local vibe. But, it’s always packed—so be sure to make a reservation!
  2. When you’re ready for dessert (and, really, who isn’t?) be sure to make your way to Lady Yum for a scrumptious and delectable assortment of mouth-watering macarons and champagne. 


  1. If you’re looking for a more casual night out with your sweetheart, why not keep it low key and have a few local beers or ciders and play a round or two of Mini Golf at Flatstick Pub? It’s always fun, and you can even bring your pooch—because I know who is really the love of your life, am I right?


Outdoor Options

It’s hard to choose favorites when there are so many gorgeous parks and beautiful water views in Kirkland but here are my “Top Three” because of their spectacular sunset views around Lake Washington.

  1. Lake Lane
  2. David E. Brink Park dock 


3. And this cute, little chair for two at Carillon Point 


When you post on Facebook or Instagram or tweet about your experiences in and around town, be sure to use #kirklandpeach to showcase our beautiful community—I may just feature your experience in my next post!

My Name is Georgia, friends call me Peach. I live in Kirkland where I have been helping Buyers and Sellers for 14 fun years! 206.948.0431


Totem Lake Drone Flyover

2017 in Kirkland has some big changes ahead in Totem Lake! Check out the redev as seen through this flyover provided by Blake Swanson.
Word on the street is that Chick fil-A is planning to open soon in Kirkland following the demolition of Denny’s Restaurant in Totem Lake.
If you live within a 2 mile radius of Totem Lake, you can expect your property values to see some major gains as this entire area is redeveloped! Woot Woot!
Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 11.11.26 AM.png

New construction update!

Kirkland is hot! So hot! Have you noticed all the new construction popping up downtown near the Library, on Market and near Houghton Beach Park?! 

Well stay tuned for more info on this new development by Envision Northwest. There’s only 6 homes! 

More info weekly. ​

Sold! Juanita At It’s Best.

In 2006, this top floor view condo in Juanita Bay was sold for $575,000. At it’s lowest point, the appraised value and Zestimates were hovering around $325,000-375,000.


August 2016, I negotiated 2 offers. The first one walked as we haggled over a low price.

There are just 42 units in the corner of this protected bay which is a bird sanctuary and surrounded by parks on both sides.

I instructed the Seller to hold out and we could do better. 2 more weeks go by and then we got a good one and settled at the final price of: $694,500.


I am still getting “Zestimates” that say the value is nearly 100K less than what I sold it for.20_9727JuanitaDr_403_87_LakeView_LowRes

Real Estate value will ebb and flow with the seasons and the economy but over a 10 year span there is historical evidence that supports that values steadily go up. Finding the right buyer at the right price is what my job is as a listing agent. Not selling fast. Speed does not translate to expertise in real estate.


Knowing when and how to market and sell a property to maximize your profit is everything.

You don’t have to be the expert, you just have to hire one.

I am a 2nd Generation Realtor who got my Real Estate license at 19. I receive referrals and recommendations from friends, family and other Realtors who know they can rely on my area expertise. And so can you.juanta 3

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3 Things To Do Before You Sell Your Home

keep-calm-i-m-number-oneA Full Home Inspection.

Knowledge is power. Take the fear out of the dreaded inspection by doing it yourself! This is everything! No Buyer will be able to surprise you with a repair or reduction in purchase price when you already know what’s behind the paint and under the house.

number 2 Shampoo the Carpets.

No odor is the best odor! Think: New Car Smell. It’s clean and fresh and ready for the Buyer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened the door for a Buyer to show a home, and a funky odor seeps out of the house! This happens all the time. It’s the first impression for the Buyer and it will literally make or break a potential offer.

number 3 Beauty Bark.

It’s cheap, easy and effective. Nothing says groomed and ready more than a fresh lawn and fresh beauty bark. Curb appeal is what gets the Buyer excited to GO INTO THE HOME. You can’t get an offer if the Buyer is not even compelled to go inside and take a look. And like a book cover, it’s a good indication of what’s inside!

I’m Georgia. My friends call me Peach. I’m a Second Generation Realtor obsessed with Real Estate since 1999.


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