OMG the market is HOT. So what does that mean?

People are saying…

Wow the market is so hot! You must be so busy!


The market is so hot, we are going to have another bubble.


I don’t want to buy in this market, it’s too hot.

The market is so HOT right now!

The market is so HOT right now!

Here are 3 things you should know about what a “hot” market means and how it affects buyers and sellers (and Realtors) differently.

1) Just because the market is hot, does not mean that Realtors are busy. Demand is WAY up and Inventory is WAY down. This means that Sellers have the advantage because there are not enough homes to meet the demand of the Buyers. Realtors work equally as hard in a “Buyers” market as they do a “Sellers” market but with emphasis in different areas.

Media focuses too much on one house that sells way to high. It freaks buyers out.

Media focuses too much on one house that sells way to high. It freaks buyers out.

2) Home prices are up, some houses…WAY up. Think of it like a flashlight. The headlines you read are putting extreme focus on hot areas like Bellevue, Seattle, Ballard, Sammamish, Kirkland, Redmond…places where there is ALWAYS demand. Most Sellers are happy to see values just starting to come back to 2005 and 2006 price ranges. Seattle is not facing another bubble.

3) Waiting to buy does not save you money, it’s actually a risk that you will pay more, especially when interest rates go up. As homes sell at higher prices, it sets the new bar. This means that if you opt out to buy because you think you are contributing to the “hot” market, you will just risk paying more. Every home that sells is now that new “comp” for the next home that comes on the market. As the market heats up, every home in every area will eventually all go up in price.


I’m Georgia. My friends call me Peach. I’ve been helping Buyers and Sellers in Real Estate for over 12 years. Looking forward to working for you! 206.948.0431

I’m on the front lines of Advocacy- from Seattle to WA DC.

I am attending the 2015 National Association of REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in Washington DC.

Today we visited Capitol Hill where we talked to Rep. Suzan DelBene and discussed tax issues that help home owners such as MID (Mortgage Interest Deduction) and finance issues such as the FHA home loans that help many first time home Buyers.

I sat one chair away from Rep. Suzan DelBene and gave a firsthand account of one of my recent transactions where a Buyer was able to purchase their first home because of the requirements in an FHA loan that allows for a lower down payment.

YPN DC 2015

{Pictured here in my apple green jacket alongside my Seattle YPN Board Jenn Mueller and Trish Englund from L to R}
Real estate is one of the most widely held assets, with the home ownership rate at approximately 64 percent. Homeownership is an important part of the economy.

Seattle King County Realtors Governmental & Public Affairs advocacy team is one of the most effective in the country among local trade associations. I am so proud to participate with Young Professionals from Seattle and all around the Nation here in WA DC for Hill Week and Legislative meetings.

Fix your “foggy brain” or get a Vita Shot hangover cure with Dr. Tacita!

Have your ever had your Brain Fitness analyzed? Curious about what kind of results a Dermapen will give you? Maybe you have a vacation coming up and are in serious need of a pre-bikini detox!

Meet Dr. Tacita Robertson- a Naturopathic Physician who has recently opened the doors of her own clinic appropriately named, A Greater Whole.

sign for A greater whole

You can find her on Market Street, next door to IMAJ Pilates, where she offers a full range of Alternative and Holistic Heath services.

front sign a greater whole

Dr. Tacita is a good friend of mine, a busy Mom to her darling 2-year-old twins and now a proud local business owner.

Dr. Tacita Richardson

We talked about her clinic and how her unique vision for her clinic makes it a compelling choice for local Kirklandites who want to optimize their nutrition, overall health, mood & physical appearance.

Kirkland Peach: What is your Mission?

Dr. Tacita: To help people achieve a happy, healthy, vibrant life + receive medical treatment that is customized to them.Treating not suppressing symptoms is my goal. This can include diet recommendations and treating symptoms by analyzing the DNA. This is not treatment for the masses. This is highly individualized. 

​KP: What makes your practice unique?

Dr. Tacita: I practice a combination of primary care, esthetic skin care and brain fitness (fixing the “foggy brain” feeling, increasing memory, guidance for recovery from head injuries, and preventative suggestions to avoid Dementia later in life…).


KP: What are your favorite products?

Dr. Tacita: Vita Shots for hangover cures and mood boosters. Wouldn’t it be great if you could treat your symptoms instead of taking a sick day at work?

KP: What would my first appointment look like?

Dr. Tacita: We would start with a 75 min session of me just getting to know you. I want to find out what my clients need and what will help them feel at their optimum level in all areas! My patients need to be 18+ years of age. And some forms of insurance is accepted! ( *Dr. Tacita occasionally hosts a Ladies Night of Beauty Fun as well! )

hosting a clinic

KP: When you are not at the clinic, where might we find you?

Dr. Tacita: Cafe Zoca, Kirkland Crossfit or Homegrown.

For more information:

(425) 836-6650

250 Market St, Kirkland, Washington 98033

Could you handle the evil eye from your new neighbors?

So you’re all excited about this home you found online and you really want to see it. You call me, your awesome Realtor, to go preview the home with you.

It’s new construction and it has AMAZING water views. Strangely, it has been on the market over 132 days. Everyone knows, in this market…that is weird.

You get out of the car, you’re in love. You walk inside, and you’re pretty much looking for a contract and ready to write it up.

Then you see this…..


Uh oh.

And this…


Oh boy. That’s not good.

The neighbors already hate you and they have not even met you yet.

Could you…WOULD you want to deal with this? Is this just bad Karma for a new house? It’s not your fault the builder ticked off the locals. Right?

So my particular Buyer’s did NOT write it up. They passed. Even though the home checked nearly all of the boxes on their list.

What would you do?

I’m Georgia. My friends call me Peach. I’ve been helping Buyers and Sellers in Real Estate for over 12 years. Looking forward to working for you! 206.948.0431

Spotlight on Purpose Boutique

The staff loves Lady Yum, the clothes are vibrant and the community has fully embraced them and the Kirkland loyalty is fierce. This week’s spotlight on a local Kirkland small business is Purpose Boutique.

This is not your average boutique. Purpose Boutique downtown Kirkland Waterfront is the newest hot spot for ladies looking to update their wardrobe with fresh, wearable, fun pieces that are simultaneously timeless as they are trendy.


I know because my wardrobe is quickly filling up with my recent purchases: 2 colorful wraps, 2 pairs of tights, a cute collard shirt for work and some ankle boots! Kind of like these new Spring pieces!

purpose clothes

On that note…Christie (Chief Visionary!) answers my questions about what it’s like to have a popular store on the Downtown Kirkland Waterfront and what sets their store apart from all others!

What’s your favorite part of owning a store in Downtown Kirkland?
Downtown Kirkland is always lively, exciting and buzzing! We love that there are always people out and about, shopping, eating…doing life together. Many individuals see our awning and pop in to say hello and welcome us to the community! Kirkland has been so hospitable from the very beginning. And finally, the waterfront view…you can’t beat it! 
purpose clothes 2
Currently, what is your favorite product/item in the store?
It’s so hard to choose a favorite item in our store, I really love everything! However, I would have to say that our Purpose dress line, coming to stores THIS Thursday, 2/12, is my absolute favorite. These dresses have been our “baby” project for over a year now, and we’re excited to reveal them to our communities! These dresses go with everything…I love to pair mine with the beautiful 31 Bits Spring collection jewelry.
What is your favorite place to shop in Kirkland when you are not at Purpose?
Unfortunately, since I live on the other side of the water (Bremerton), I haven’t had the opportunity to shop in Kirkland often. However, when I am in the area visiting the Kirkland store, I LOVE to eat locally! Some of my favorites include Cactus and Aura Bakery. Oh and the entire team loves the macarons at Lady Yum.
Tell me about your store name?
When we started this business, my “partner in crime,” Ashleigh Lauber, and I kept talking about how we were creating this business for a bigger purpose. As we kept talking about what we wanted to name our business, we kept mentioning the word ‘purpose.’ We thought…why not Purpose Boutique? It’s really the core of who we are and what we do. 
What was your (Purpose Boutique) 1st week like in Downtown Kirkland? 
Our first week in Kirkland exceeded our expectations. The first thing that stood out was the number of local business owners that popped into our storefront to say hello and introduce themselves. The local shops have been incredibly welcoming and supportive of Purpose from the start. And really, this comes down to community. We are honored to be a part of the Kirkland community- from local businesses to tourists to locals who have loved Kirkland for many years. We quickly recognized that people were really connecting with our mission, our price point and our expert personalized styling experience. We closed the first week feeling confident that being in Kirkland was the right choice for us. It’s an honor!
What is unique about your business?
Purpose offers a unique combination of the best in class personalized styling and customer service paired with affordable, on-trend fashion that goes beyond fair trade to holistically empower women around the world. We LOVE to style our customers, and we will never charge you for a customized styling experience- that’s just who we are. And when you shop with Purpose, you are not only going to look great, but you’re going to leave knowing that your purchases have truly made a difference in the world. Through empowerment partnerships and our donation model, your purchases are helping provide women and children with holistic support as they escape the sex trafficking industry, providing shelter for an orphan or even providing a woman in Uganda with the tools, education and hope to raise their families out of poverty. We hope everyone who walks into our stores leaves feeling like they’ve just experience a unique shopping experience.
Is there currently an event or special that you would like me to know about?
We are always having fun with our customers at Purpose, from private Purpose Parties to Ladies’ Nights Out! We just launched our Purpose Dress Line with a little party a few weeks ago! These Purpose dresses are made in the USA with hope and dignity by survivors of injustice. Now that our dresses are in store (and online!), every day at Purpose our expert stylists are prepared to provide a personalized styling session to show you all the fabulous ways you can style a Purpose dress!
In addition, keep up with sales and sweet details on our website:

3 Reasons to Sell Your Home with The Wall Team

Selling a home is stressful. Don’t leave your net worth up to random fate.

We are a successful Mother-Daughter Real Estate and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. We have 25 years combined Real Estate experience.
  2. We have Negotiating expertise.
  3. We live and breathe Real Estate every day. It is our chosen career, not a hobby or part time job.

Knowledge and experience count. With over 200+ transactions under our belt, we will advise you from “For Sale” to “Sold.”

A new agent or a long lost relative may be convenient, but it’s not smart.

Be smarter. Choose wisely.


Reviews on LinkedIn, Trulia and Facebook and over coffee! Call me anytime to discuss your home selling strategy.

2015 Resolution Idea: Credit Score Up, Debt Down.

Eat less sugar. Stop biting your nails. Go to bed earlier. Swear less. Run a Marathon. Learn something new everyday.

Not gonna lie. All of these New Year’s Resolutions have been on my list at one time or another!

Whatever your New Year resolution is for 2015, there is no doubt that you will start off with good intentions. But statistics say that by February only 8% of people are still working towards their goal!

GOAL! The first two letters are G-O! So with that in mind, how about a steady 12 month goal of working on your credit score and simultaneously chipping away at your debt?

Thirty-seven percent of recent home buyers say it took them six months or less to save for a down payment to buy a home; 15 percent saved for six to 12 months; and 10 percent say they saved for 12 to 18 months for a down payment, according to the 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers survey, published by the National Association of REALTORS®.


For me this translates to going out a little less and being a little less wardrobe obsessed. But dreaming of a new, bigger and better closet to put all those fancy clothes in…now that is motivating!

If you are dreaming of a new home in 2015, get going and take the first step with your credit score rehab.

I’d love to work with you on achieving your goal and buying your 1st home in 2015!

Ho Ho Home for Christmas!

This time of year just put’s a big smile on my face. And this year more than ever I am feeling so much gratitude because December 5th marked my 11th year as a REALTOR®. 

Working with my Mom in a career that I love is a blessing and I could not be more grateful to our clients that choose to work with our team.


Buying and selling a house is not just a transaction! It marks a major life moment– often associated with a new baby, a new job, a new marriage or parents sending their youngest child off to college and becoming empty nesters! Sometimes it’s a first investment property that accomplishes a financial goal being achieved.

Thank you to our Clients who have been a source of joy these many years! I’m so blessed to participate in your life adventure with you! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you and yours and may your home be filled with glad tidings!

house in bow